Location : Lara / ANTALYA
Size : 80.900m²
Status: Completed 2004

Landscape Architecture, Concept Design, Aqua park , Theme park

Asia-Europe / TURKEY


This is the first project that we undertook with Royal Group. This project was an absolute work of art. It was a very labour intensive project. We loved the concept and were honoured to work with the group’s investors. The concept of the project is Modern Tropical. The concept planting scheme consisted of an abundance of red roses.For the green landscaping application we incorporated the use of concrete artificial rocks and fiber objects. According to the investor’s request for a water feature covering a large surface, we submitted an alternative design comprising a large swimming pool, with main road access via a bridge over the pool. The investor initially hesitated at this idea but was thrilled with the results and the functional fastastic feature of the design. Thank you to the investor of this hotel for the effort, maintenance and protection of this facility.