Location : Belek / ANTALYA
Size : 43.000m²
Status: Completed 2005

Landscape Architecture, Concept Design, Application Projects

Asia-Europe / TURKEY


‘Kempinski Hotel the Dome’ is a pure work of art which we worked on and applied with great pleasure. 1 like this project very much. The concept is Selcuk Architecture and design elements echoing this style can be found throughout. üne such example is the “Crown door” incorporated into various designs of the landscape project such as the swimming pool, roads,and various landscape areas. Maintenance is carried □ut successfully with the same thoroughness by protecting the soft landscape concept. Therefore many thanks to Kempinski Hotel and the Dome investor and their staff. Dur palmex products are used to great effect at this project in both the roof of the massage houses and the pool bar. These were installed after the opening of the facility. in fact Kempinski Hotel the Dome is the first facility in which our Palmex products were used.