PALMROCK brand is our own patented trademark of Panel Artıfıcıal Rock which was developed out of Tülay Tosun’s research and developmens.

Our Palmrock Story;Tülay Tosun has been interested in concerete artificial rock systems at her designs since 1994,she found out a lot of work of arts with these products.She has developed her own patented product because of concerete artificial rock’s thenical,texture,isolation,producing difficulties,short endurance period problems and she developed her own patented product ‘GFRP PANEL ARTIFICIAL ROCK’ which has started to work of research and developments in 2000.GFRP Panel Artificial Rock Systems are our patented products.

PALMART brand is our own natural and art products which was developed out of Tülay Tosun’s research and developmens.

Our Palmart Story; Tülay Tosun Creative Studio is not the design studio which never repeat same designs. To be creative and Continue been creative we need to create a different objects which will be the unique part of the concepts.

We are Turkey distributorship of PALMEX Artificial thatchroofing system.We don’t have any dealer in Turkey.This polimer product is fire retardant,durable for 20 years,tear-proof,water-proof,durable for 200km/hr.It seems like dry palm tree’s leave.It is sold by packages.It’s mantage is easy.Every package covers area of squaremeter which are determined according to prodcut type.It’s sold by it’s unit price of squaremeter.